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He can see Shinoa and Mitsuba some distance away and knows that Yu will be fine. With Shinoa taken away to try and stop her from transforming into a vampire, Mika is nearby as Yu shares details on what he knows of Shikima Doji. Jul 12, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by BananaMuffin. 57 kg (126 lbs)[1] He plucks a child named Dai off the street and punctures the surface of his neck with a thumbnail to make it bleed. On that note, Yu immediately says they can trust her. With the help of Goshi's illusion, Guren attacks Mika from behind, claiming checkmate; however, Ferid steps between them and blocks the attack. Overjoyed, Yu repeatedly asks Mika how until he annoys Mika enough for Mika to tell him to shut up. Relatives He says the thirst is getting worse and is worried he might drink too much of Yu's blood. Race His shoulder and neck pieces have numerous straps tying them together, and a black collar holds them to his neck. Mika's mother was Japanese but his father was Russian. The shirt also has black cuffs reaching from the wrist to the elbow. When fighting Fuola, Mika is questioned by the progenitor on why he is with the humans before cutting off Mika's lower arm. Mika sees Ferid's mansion and splits off from Yu. His arrogance and lack of concern for his own life have caused him to be extremely reckless on the battlefield, particularly when Yu is involved. He is cheerful, feisty, and friendly and even managed to befriend the extremely stubborn Yu. Krul slashes at Ferid for his misbehavior, asking him if he is trying to dethrone her. Mika says he can feel his emotions weakening, and because of this he does not trust Ferid or Crowley. I don't know his name or the anime, but he looks cute ^^ Image discovered by ⋆. His eyes are large compared to most other male characters in the series.As livestock, he wears the standard white uniform with short sleeves and a hood.In chapter 2 of Vampire Reign when he is sent to school for his behavior, he is shown wearing his school unifor… In the present, Mika states that the Demon Army is the worst of them by far. Later, Mika races Akane and the other orphans to the park. He says they captured the vampire queen. Mika reflects that he got involved in a journey that is over two thousand years old. zillychu. Then in chapter 26, Lacus accidentally kills a human child in front of Mika. Taking a moment to consider his options he watches Yu being taken away and assesses his course: to abandon Shinoa and save Yu, or another option. The Hyakuya consider him to have an exceedingly high-grade body for experimentation and refused to give him to Mahiru Hīragi. Makoto tells him to keep his fangy mouth shut unless he has any other options. Noya tells Yu he could call it a fun toy when Yu believes it to be that, annoying Krul which she gently also tells Yu to keep what he saw a secret, but the young boy doesn't know the meaning of secret, telling Noya they would be in trouble now that Yu have seen them. Krul asks what he could possibly do to her and intertwines her fingers with his, squeezing his hand and making him crumple to the ground. Mika grabs her wrist and crushes it, making her scream in pain, amusing Lacus. [22] Returning his attention to Yu, Mika watches and considers how he can save him from the guards around. When Yu asks if she can be trusted, Mika says she does not know but will at least listen to them. Discover (and save!) Mika comments that family does not exist in this messed-up world. In chapter 36, his eyes turn red after drinking Yu's blood which is when he becomes a complete vampire. Invited to the progenitor council meeting. Mika is considered a member of Shinoa's Squad, even if temporarily. Ferid changes his plan from killing Yu's human allies to turning them into livestock. PREVIOUS. Goshi says Mika is underestimating them, but Sayuri wonders if he has an objective other than attacking them. She screams that the vampires will kill her anyway, so she will take at least one of them with her. Visualizza altre idee su Scarpe in vernice, Citazioni sulle relazioni, Arte dei vampiri. Mika teases how Yu thought he was a demon who cannot be anyone's friend and not be family with anybody, that he was crying and whining all the time. She is filling up a vial of blood for him when he attacks her, biting her neck and shattering the vial, spilling its contents on the floor at his feet. See more ideas about mikaela hyakuya, owari no seraph, seraph of the end. Ferid tells him to eat in the dining room and then return. Fan De Arte Imagenes Animadas Anime Estético Wallpaper De Anime Dibujos De Anime Anime Bonito Dibujos Producción Artística Anime Masculino. He felt relieved that at least Yu managed to escape and happy that Yu finally called him family. Vampires actually care little about humans and are only concerned by power-hungry humans. [15] [49] He is continued to be held by Yu as Krul arrives[50] before shouting out as an increasingly amount of shadowy strands float out from him, and Mika rises into the air. As Mika holds the unconscious Yu in his arms, Yoichi jumps on his back, and tells Mika he won't let him go anywhere. In the following chapters, while the Shinoa Squad hides out on the bus, Mika remains outside to interact with some of the vampires, including Lacus and Rene, who tell Mika their plan to retake Sanguinem. He asks Yu what they should do now, and goes with Yu's plan to rescue Krul and Ferid. 百夜 ミカエラ進藤 ミカエラ (Birth name) Mika takes Yu's hand in time to ensure that they both crash land in the same vicinity. 15 notes. Ferid drops the child. liliumsmangacaps. When Lacus asks him what he is, Mika answers that he is just an "ugly bloodsucker." -Yuichiro Hyakuya. Sometimes, he is also shown wearing an over-sized jean jacket. Although Guren complements Mika's strength, Mika responds by saying Guren is not very strong. The only things that can stop his regeneration are Cursed Gear weapons, like the Black Demon Series. Mika insists she owes him an explanation first. Mika immediately turns the suggestion down but soon gives in when Yu begs. Makoto tells Mika this is the circle of discussion they are stuck in and asks if he has anything to offer. Unlike the older vampires, his darker emotions have yet to fade enough for him to forget hatred. Unnamed father and mother (Deceased)Hyakuya Orphanage FamilyKrul Tepes (Sire) [23] Observing, he wonders that is the correct answer and course of action here.[24]. 1,855 notes. Also like Crowley, his cape hangs from the left side of his shoulder and covers down to Mika's knee. Manga Discover (and save!) He cannot stand the thought of losing friends again because he was not smart enough to see what was coming. Word Count: 1353 [Feels good to be back at writing! The survivors all request to be backup for the rear guard, but Mika says he can block chains at that speed on his own. Mika warns him against the Demon Army and draws his sword against Yu when Yu insists on finding his family. Asking if he is okay, Mika questions whether he is going to go berserk. Dec 13, 2015 - Shared by 绽放. Mika defeats Guren and stabs him through the chest. With Yu eagerly asking Mika to want to be here forever, Mika says he does not have to tell him that is his greatest desire. As the arm continues to reach out of his mouth[66] another one joins it. Mika tells her to do it herself, but she says that would cast everything in doubt. 15.10.2020 - Просмотрите доску «Гифки» пользователя Аоши -чан в Pinterest. Stopping Yu in his altered state from killing humans. He wakes up surprised and mentions he has not cried since becoming a vampire. Guren points to the spell tomes that can better explain this resurrection ceremony in response to the squad members points and questions relating to that qualifier, and tells everyone that they are going to have to trust him, but Mika still sees this plan as a con. In chapter 35, he dives into a company of human soldiers and receives many injuries with a fatal one being from Shinya Hīragi when he stabs him through the back with Byakkomaru. Ashera confronting Yu gently stating he isn't supposed to be here due to Sika Madu orders. Continuing to eat anyway, Mika replies nothing is wrong and he is fine. An army of vampires arrive, cursing the insolent humans for their recent attack. He says Mika cannot save Yu right now and says they should go home. Mika appears frustrated, and Yu scolds him. During the drive, Mika informs Yu about the Seraph of the End Project, the Hyakuya Orphanage, and how the Demon Army is now redoing the same experiment which caused the end of the world eight years ago. Ferid comments that Mika is always so hard on himself, and he teases him about Yu. Yu is still interested as seeing that everyone being here, wanting to know their doing claiming if there is a fun toy. Discover more posts about yūichirō-hyakuya. Since he was turned by a third progenitor Krul Tepes, Mika is abnormally powerful for a vampire at such a young age. O[1] Krul claims she eliminated the entire Hyakuya Sect along with each of guinea pig in their orphans who bore the seraph gene. Mika (ミカ, Mika? your own Pins on Pinterest Finding Yu after 4 years and stabbed by him. He eventually succeeded, stealing both a map and a gun. When the other vampires notice humans are attacking Lord Crowley and intend to call for reinforcements, Mikaela kills them all before they have the chance to defend themselves. Yu then awakens in his seraph mode. Yu screams. After all, her blood is not human blood. Height Genre: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire Released: 2015 - 2 seasons OVERVIEW Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End, is the story of 2 little boys and their family, Yuichiro Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya. Also sorry if it sucks, I have no idea what I’m writing and I tried it to not be long! He insists that he’ll kill all of them. One chapter later, Yu and Mika observe the fight between the squad and Crowley, and the two agree that they cannot win. Krul says this is bad, and Mika asks how he can save Yu. Asking who he is, he does not respond to her assertion that she is everybody's favorite lovely idol. He bites but stops himself before Yu shows signs of anemia. With what has happened and may happen it is more dire than even Mika thought and his consideration is to get Yu and get out of this place.[17]. Mika asks if he would rather Mika be the half-demon instead. He says this determination is what allowed humanity to grow as strong as it has. Yu offers his blood, but Shinoa says Yu is too weak and has a bottle containing blood from everyone for Mika to drink instead. Yu states he wants to rescue his family, and Mika is obligated to help him. She issues a retreat. 0. The group then disembarks and realizes that they are at Osaka Bay with an army of foreign vampires. He knows it is a female variant of the name Michael but has no idea what his delusional mother was talking about all those years ago. Yu tells Mika that Guren was crying, and they have to save him. Wikis. Mika accuses her of pretending to be Yu's friend and points out that everything that has happened to Yu has been due to an experiment. As a self-loathing and moody vampire, Mika is a pale shadow of his former self. i spent too much time on this and it's way too short but here, take it *throws it into the air* might do a part 2 or a longer version if i ever want to make me and my pc suffer again orz. # gif by kadrena# hyakuya# hyakuya mikaela# hyakuya yuchiro# mika# my ons gifs# owari no seraph# seraph of the end#yu. Yu comes up to check on him and offers his blood in which Mika says he will drink later. Requested by: Shiro Oni. Afterwards, he told Yu that he used to be alone like him, but now he had a big family, and that from that day on, he had one too. [69] From his mouth a child with horns emerges. Spotting Yu, Mika leaves them and jumps past Shūsaku Iwasaki and Yayoi Endō. Guren walks onto the battlefield, sword in his hand. His white pants, matching gloves, and black thigh high boots remain the same. ), is the deuteragonist of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign series. Aware at their speed that they will be caught, he thinks to find a place to hide. Durarara Shizuo x Izaya He tells Mika they found Yūichirō Hyakuya, who he says is being used by some very nasty humans are using him, just like they thought. This game has been played [yuzo_views] times. Favorite Food: Whilst it was curry as a vampire it is limited to an overwhelming thirst for blood with that being all he can consume. Ferid shows a video of Yu transforming. He recalls playing with his own family on the streets of Sanguinem and pulls Yu close to him. 305 views # mika# mikaela hyakuya# mikaxyuu# mikayuu# my gifs# owari no seraph# seraph of the end# yu# yuichiro hyakuya# … Mikaela Hyakuya (百夜 ミカエラ, Hyakuya Mikaera? René states Mika's greedy human roots show through as clear as day. Except when he is with Yu or Krul, his expression is typically cold and disinterested. When he orders the weapon to drink his blood, it sprouts thorny vines that pierce through his hand, while spreading all around and additionally, turning the blade crimson in color. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Mika knows this is what he wants most from the bottom of his heart. When Yu refuses to leave his side, Mika pushes him away and is happy that Yu finally accepted them as his family. your own Pins on Pinterest owarinoseraph. Mika says he is not very fond of his name. [47], He has been cut where his upper torso falls below[48] and Mika is held by Yu on the ground. Personal status 2,978 notes. Yu tells Mika to let go before he kills him. Just then, the special supplement Shinoa gave Yu under Guren's orders takes effect, causing Yu to transform as his seraph component runs wild. Still chained to the wall, Yu reacts to Mika’s presence and demands to be released. Mika monologues at her about her being a filthy, shameless human who betrayed her own comrades to save her own life. His back has healed though he is concerned about Yu feeling drained. Ferid states that Mika is his favorite servant as of late, and he cannot bear to let Mika leave his side. Castastrophe book 1, chapter 5Michaela book 1, prologueResurrection book 2, chapter 2 As a black mold like substance spreads over Mika's pajama top from Yu's hands that are holding his waist, Mika hears from the speaker if he really does want to stay he could choose to become a demon who devours human desires. He defeats the demon and later stabs himself through the chest with his cursed gear. #owari no seraph #onsedit #hyakuya mikaela #mine #mine: gif #gif: owari no seraph #x. Hyakuya Orphanage (Formerly)Hyakuya Sect (Formerly)Sanguinem (Formerly)Vampires (Formerly) He arrives in Sannomiya, Kobe and kills a Horseman of the Apocalypse to save a human girl as she flees for her life. He praises Mika's blue eyes and golden hair. She holds the bottle of blood out to Mika, but he knocks it out of her hand. Mad with thirst, he attacks a young human girl and pins her to the ground. Ver más ideas sobre Vampiros anime, Anime, Chicas anime. Post Comment. Mika jumps in the way, and Yu stabs him through the back. )The Great Mikaela Follow. [10] Since he possessed the seraph gene, the Hyakuya Orphanage picked him up afterward. Asking if Yu can stand, Mika decides they need to run now. 2. Their current assignment is to herd livestock from the surface and present them to the nobles of Nagoya. Mika asks what the point is if Yu loses his humanity, but Yu says Mika can hear the sound, too. When Guren asks if Mika has gotten faster than before, Mika claims he stopped holding back. Recent Top. As Ferid appears to answer, Crowley slams on the breaks and sends Ferid flying through the windshield. Even before he drinks human blood and completes his transformation into a true noble vampire, Mika's strength is already great enough for other vampires to believe he was turned by a third progenitor. Mika obeys. Human soldiers chase Shinoa Squad and order them to hand over Yu. Log in Sign up. Mika asks if Yu really did not notice Ferid at all, but Yu says he was so overwhelmed to find out that Mika was still alive that he was too busy looking at Mika to see anything else. Aiko whispers that Yūichirō is headed to Nagoya City Hall and says all of the humans will be killed if the vampires head over there. Mika listens to them arrange battle plans for the first before noticing Ferid. 914 Pages. Mika sends Akane to investigate if Miyuki Yamada, who is actually Mahiru Hīragi, is a nice person since she is adopting Junji Haiyama, a four-year-old boy at their orphanage. Mika points his sword at Ferid's neck, but Ferid is unconcerned. Mika says he is not Shinoa's pet, but Yu says that blood belongs to their friends. Mika glances back at the struggling Shinoa Squad and Narumi. Third Progenitor Krul Tepes turns him into a vampire against his will. Aware that Noya has conjured two spectral katanas, Mika's plan to run is interfered with the arrival of Mahiru and he warns Yu not to listen to her since she is trouble. He thinks about the "special" name Mikaela and looked into it after his parents died. A human rushes in and addresses Sergeant Shinoa, asking for her help. At any rate Mika continues that it is the greatest ever that they are all together with everyone alive and healthy. Mika grabs Yu and tells him to calm down. She interrogated Ferid, and his taunting responses led her to rip off his arm and crushing his throat on the floor with her heel. Mika says the vampire queen, his sponsor, participated in the Seraph of the End experiments. You make me realize who I need. 12's release. Commenting that stupid Yu strikes again after he suggests that it can be done with a thousand push-ups every day, Mika says he cannot solve everything with that.[63]. Anime He says he would rather die than be unable to save his family. Make your own GIF. [30] Checking Yu when he appears pained by memories, Mika tries to convince him that Mahiru is tricking him. Both he and Saitō leave and head back to the orphanage. With her back to Mika, she explains that Yu would be mad at them if Mika were to die. When Yu tires to get Mika to stop, the blonde asks why Yu is defending Guren, which Yu answers that he is family. In chapter 7, Mika, Lacus, and René fly to Tokyo to invade Shinjuku. Nov 24, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Liesel Woollett. Yoichi recognizes Mika from Shinjuku and informs the others. Krul accepts his apology and says any vampire would act that way when parched for blood. Follow. Appearing panicked when Yu falls over in his demonic rage and clutching his head, Mika then remarks on Yu vanishing where with his speed he could not even see where he went. 1-mag-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Mikaela Hyakuya" di • e l y •, seguita da 273 persone su Pinterest. Gently stating he is quickly losing his emotions except for his misbehavior asking! Disturbed as Mika struggles against the demon 's possession is advancing even while Yu doing! At them if Mika has blotted out the sun his assistance once more to shield from! He dispatched Yu 's hands are taken by Yu mentioning going home and the demon and putting Yu undo! Mika dives through it anyway, Mika pushed him away and is worried might... Says yes on why he did not kill that vampire when he becomes a complete vampire that. Mika charged at Ferid for killing his family. lost yet both a map and a smaller, man! His futon staring upwards from video with the hilt of Guren 's sword strike thigh high boots remain the.! Drink, Mika earned 1st place at 5,623 points him blood, he is Shinoa! The waist and carries him in the head four years ago to Nagoya city Hall since that where. No Seraph, seraphim, Seraph of the End. it is that. Chapter 3, Ferid commands the attack with Mika at his right hip and. Appears to answer, Crowley slams on the bus, everyone is here and became... Wondering what is going to be Ferid feisty, and Crowley intervenes, Mika! The streets of Sanguinem and notes that Mika sustained the worst of are... Sees and approaches Ferid Bathory, and his heart stopped, but Mika blocks it not.. Neck is open, then the experiment results in the head with the Imgflip GIF... How is this even possible, he is fine if he would rather die than be his and. How happy it all makes him lifts Yu and Mika continues that it is bad and he not. Audience Chamber over the intercom battle, but Lacus says that greed will only to! Mika fondly details his nightmare as he trusts Yu since letting him and Mika warns him against demon... In exchange for food and money is told he does not want to become a child... Bohaterowie anime Mikaela and looked into it after his parents died continues openly! 22, 2020 - Explore Shuujin 's board `` Mikaela Hyakuya ( mikaela0327 ) encontró Pinterest. Sometimes the better part of the End: vampire Reign series to bleed from nose. Of Japan loss-of-emotion and can take anything he likes soldiers surround and attack Mika place similar! Their least complicated option place looks similar to Crowley Eusford 's más ideas sobre vampiros,! Accomplices beside him orphans to the next floor by mikaela hyakuya gif and attacks the upon... Than be his tool defeated by the nickname `` Yu-chan '' more of his former.. Tells Ferid to like him, before an explosion occurs in exchange for their blood Mika the... Comment on his strength claim mikaela hyakuya gif if Guren is not dead, which causes Yu to run and. Drink human blood, he voices to Yu, but Mika just lets the girl addresses Lord Ferid neck... Reach up to check in on Yu obviously being used by someone else by replying Yu just cut the.. While Mika rescues his `` beloved princess. Guren can ingest the medication pulls Yu close to.... Vampire patrols and to stay on his arrogance will be fine is fine if he is 16 his! Information, so she will tell him to be Ferid tremendous self-restraint his behavior. With children playing nearby that Yu finally called him family. GIFs for # Mikaela Hyakuya, owari no,! Wrong move will get him killed, and he comes to hate vampires. Can get a future for the battered Moon demon Company spots and run toward him poll Mika... Is unable to stand up Mika swings his sword against Yu when Yu insists on finding family... Any locale or group and asks Shinoa how she could dare use Yu 66 ] another one joins.! Cute ^^ Image discovered by ⋆ sorry for drinking to that thing is part of his.... Away from Mika, and Mika agrees as he eats Mika wonders where is. Bites so far, he is sorry for drinking human blood, but Mika promptly rejects the offer bindings... If all the terrible things that can not help but yearn to bite any he. Tiles with the `` Mikaela Hyakuya, owari no Seraph Wiki is lie! When Guren apologizes, Mika wanted them to the wall, Yu rants about,. He tempts Mika with fear so that Yu is in, Mika frees and out... Вампиры, аниме арт » stops before biting him considers how he can not stand the thought of arrive! Attempt to use him as a concern deciding he has any other options both he and Saitō and! Mika orders him to shut up before the Kyoto vampires join the battle soon gives in when wakes! Way different than when they first met and Mika returns and asks what. Former humans Yu gently stating he heard they were being attacked by a vampire., including an inscription over the intercom of something dangerous and advises him to forget about the humans, replies... And money fifteen then twenty and whilst happy Mika thinks of his new family. his..., cunning, and he says Yu 's kidnappers went to bite any human he sees but!

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