bl2 community patch

Made “You. Scorched Earth: Removed the hidden 15% Turret Damage penalty and now also boosts Explosive Damage by 10%. 30. 3. 67. 69. Made Rose, Tribute of Opportunity respawn. 3. ************************Grenades************************ Fire Crak’n has a chance to drop the Chulainn now. 3. Made Tediore Barrels on Rocket Launchers give a tiny Reload Speed increase instead of nothing. Fixed the Cobra’s skin (Thanks Aaron0000!). 75. Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary (From 10% to 20%) Made the Fire Rate buff of Krieg’s Wound COM tracked in the buff bar, Various weapon balance changes (eg. Made Lilith give you a choice of a blue COM in TVHM and above after the Hunting the Firehawk quest. Made Flay, Tribute of Southern Shelf have the Badass Loot Pool. Critical Ascensi0n: Decays stacks at 3 seconds between stacks instead of 1 second between stacks now. Community Patch 5.0.3 With feedback from the community, some badasses have created an unofficial community patch for Borderlands 2 to make the game even more badass. 4. Rose, Tribute of Opportunity has a chance to drop the Bitch, the Black Hole and Shotgun 1340 now. King Aliah, King Crono, King Nazar and King Seth. 90. Grim: Reduced Action Skill Cooldown Rate to 2% per point instead of 4%. This replacer can spawn with all shield parts. 28. 28. 11. 17. (UI Won’t display it), Buffed the passives of each Slayer of Terra COM for each character. Changed Axton’s Specialist class mod to boost Onslaught instead of Forbearance. Made Undead Badass Pyschos have the Badass Loot Pool. 26. 3. -> Unknown to us, this broke Tubby COM drop chance and accidentally set it to 20% instead of 100%, which was fixed now. Changed the Laser Accuracy Accessory on Pistols to boost Projectile Speed by 40% instead of 20%. Recompense: Quadrupled the damage it deals to the attacker but halved the chance. – Fixed some scaling issues which caused slag and other elemental effects to barely trigger. 2. ************************Loot and Drop Changes************************ 1. 2.5 How do I dump code with the Filter Tool? Gave the Flakker 2 extra pellets and slightly increased its Fire Rate. 5. 53. —– 32. Renegade COM now boosts Pistol Accuracy instead of reducing it. To run it with CMD you usually use java -jar FilterTool.jar. 3. 19. (This means that you will get good quality gear from the beginning of the game instead of after Flynt, WAY less greens and less pistols.). Buffed the Nasty Surprise. drop the Lady Fist and the Tidal Wave / Flayer now. 5. It also contains nerfs for things too strong, but those are optional and turned off by … Incinerator Clayton has a chance to drop Flame of the Firehawk now. Gave the Infection a new skin. Hellfire Halitosis: Increased the Damage by 4x. 8. 1. 7. Tightened the Hydra’s Bullet Spread by ~50%. Buffed Hyperion Sniper Rifles to match others. If you do, check via your Windows Control panel if you can uninstall it that way. Need help troubleshooting an issue that came up while playing Reborn? )” be level 38 in Normal Mode, making Terramorphous the Invincible level 40 in Normal Mode. Changed the Pointman and Legendary Pointman’s max health back to Pre-Add, and health regeneration back to Post-Add to be consistent with other class mods. Fixed an issue with Tunguska’s Elemental Glow color. Changed the Shock Trooper’s to have fire rate instead of shock damage. Made Deathtrap’s Damage scale like an AI, making it have proper Damage throughout the game (-29% at level 5, increase of +4% at level 30, +110% at level 50, +156% at level 72, +173% at OP8). Borderlands 3 ‘One Tree Skill’ Community Challenge. Made Tediore barrels on Rocket launchers give a tiny reload speed buff instead of nothing. 30. Impact: Replaced Melee Damage with Accuracy. 11. Zer0’s Survivor COM now boosts Innovate instead of Resurgence. Heavily buffed the Damage of Bolt Action Jakobs Sniper Rifles (blue rarity). Added Sommer’s less blinding Damage over Time effects as an optional module (can be enabled with BLCMM). 35. The patch includes a lot of quality of life changes and buffs many weapons and skills that are currently very weak, allowing you to play builds that are just not viable in the main game. 4. Made the Afterburner Relic additionally increase Movement Speed. 25. Phalanx Shield: Increased the size of the shield by 25%. Required for the Hex Edit / Console Command. 36. Will. 18. Der Monstrositat has a chance to drop the CHOPPER now. 8. 12. Also increased Turret Slag Chance by 50%. 2. Gave Shotgun 1340 the Hyperion Barrel and gave it the stats of a Purple Hyperion Shotgun. Other part of the Nuke damage: +43% at level 30, +95% at level 50, +173% at OP8. Made Grandma Flexington’s Story gives you a random purple Shield instead of $1. ************************Zer0************************ Master Gee the Invincible now has a chance to drop any of the DLC 1 Seraph Items. 81. Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List. 39. (Seriously. This page will show the changelog for BL2 Reborn, going as far back as patch 1.3.5 - it will not go over the full changelog from inception to current date. Bordercast: January 14, 2021 – Looking forward in 2021. Made the Opportunity Relic give you flat movement speed buff. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. 9. The Invincible Son of Crawmerax the Invincible has a 10% chance to drop any pearlecent in the game starting UVHM after level 51 and always drops on level gear now. (Any E-Tech), Made Pete’s quest give you proper rewards. 5. 2. Nuke: Now also boosts Cooldown Rate by 20%. 2. 38. Buffed the Pun-chee’s Damage. 1.12 When I execute the patch in the console, it says it can’t find the patch.txt. ———- 45. Gave the Infection a new skin (Thanks Aaron0000!). Specialist COM now boosts Onslaught instead of Forbearance, and passively increases Shotgun Damage and Accuracy now instead of SMG Accuracy. 1. 23. 10. 3. 3. Woundspike has a chance to drop the Maggie now. Scorpio, Buffalo, Elephant Gun, Pocket Rocket, Bone Shredder and more…). Also when hex editing your Borderlands 2, try turning off any Anti-Virus you’re running (like Avast). Gave the Transformer an actual skin. 6. Then it will affect anyone who joins the game, if they have it installed or not. Reverted back the Legendary Reaper to the original form (I didn’t playtest this right and made it somehow worse), Tuned down the melee damage on the pun-chee (It was 1.56 mil pre-patch, my patch made it 2.48 mil but now is should be slightly higher than a hide, but not too much since there’s no point in getting a hide), Reverted the Emperor back from the Torrent and made it have a middle ground between both. Made the Storm deal actual Splash Damage, buffed its Damage, Fire Rate and Damage over Time and made its orbs deal 20% of the Damage dealt instead of the original 10%. 2. Buffed the Leech. Mad Mike has a chance to drop the Madhous! 7. 3. (THESE NUMBERS DON’T CHANGE AT THESE SPECIFIED LEVELS BUT INSTEAD THROUGHOUT THE GAME, THIS IS JUST DEMONSTRATION) Changed the Laser Accuracy accessory of pistols to boost projectile speed by 40% instead of 20%. (Thanks to Orudeon!) Buffed the Rolling Thunder’s Damage by 25%, made it not damage you and increased its Splash Radius by 100. If you are looking for the ultimate Borderlands the Pre-Sequel experience than check out the BLTPS Community Patch. 5. Buffed The Shredifier by giving it 25% more damage. Moved most of Zer0’s Heads and Skins to Bad Maw (to basically allow all of the following loot pool changes). Gave the Storm an actual skin. (Thanks to Aaron0000!) 4. Fixed Amp Shield rarity/part not having a correct effect on Amp Drain. *******************NERFS (OPTIONAL)******************* With feedback from the community some badasses have created an unofficial community patch for Borderlands 2 to make the game even more badass. 3. 94. Swapped Grim’s and Fearless’s position in the skill tree. 6. Fixed the Hard Carry set bonus applying when the Easy Mode is equipped while the relic is in the inventory, as well as the effect applying multiple times. 2. Made the Carnage to be considered into the pearclecent world drop loot pool. Levels 51 through 60 gain a 15% buff, Levels 61 through 71 gain a 20% buff, Levels 73 through 80 get a 25% buff, and Overpower levels retain the 50% buff. Shock Storm: Doubled the Storm’s Radius. Buffed Yellow Jacket’s Projectile Speed and Acceleration Speed. Removed the Tunguska’s self- damage on the big radius. And it’ll never happen either since it’s against console ToS. Fixed the Orc being treated as a Dahl weapon instead of a Bandit weapon. 77. 19. Like The Wind (Reworked): No longer increases Gun / Melee damage, instead adds chance to avoid Elemental Status Effects and Bullets by 5% per point. If you got the UCP running you might also like to play around with community weapons, check out the article how to add custom mods to Borderlands 2. 45. ************************Krieg************************ 3. 24. 39. 74. Benny The Booster has a chance to drop the Sand Hawk now. Made the Storm deal actual Splash Damage. 7. Removed the Boom Puppy’s Self Damage and increased its Damage by 190%, slightly increased its Fire Rate and made it deal Grenade Damage. 5. Made Badass Bedrock Bullymongs have the Badass Loot Pool. Preparation is now 4% shield capacity instead of 3%. Made Vorac’s quest give you proper rewards. 6. Fixed a typo on Shields with the “Grounded” Prefix. 9. Shirtless Man has a chance to drop the Afterburner now. 2. Actual weapon buffs (Morningstar, Orc, Grog Nozzle, Ogre and Evil Smasher) now have their buffs tracked in the buff bar. Reduced the blinding effect on Silence the Voices. 40. 101. Made the Slow Hand / Retcher / SWORDSPLOSION!!! Made the Veruc consume 1 Ammo per Shot and tightened its Bullet Spread by ~40% 24. Gave the Hoplite an actual skin. In the main menu enable the console menu by pressing your preset key (F6 in the example). 10. 2. 1. 17. 1. All input commands below need to be done without the “”, just use the content between the tags. 4. 16. 4. 6. Made the O-Negative come in 0 fuse. Linux Users shouldn’t update! 11. Introduced the Bigg Thumppr from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Pot o’ Gold (can be enabled with BLCMM). Auto-Loader: Now also boosts Reload Speed by 15%. Titan COM now boosts Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum. Implemented SirUmnei’s Presentation Arrays and Icons for COMs. THESE NUMBERS DON’T CHANGE AT THESE SPECIFIED LEVELS BUT INSTEAD THROUGHOUT THE GAME, THIS IS JUST DEMONSTRATION. Muscles has a chance to drop Sledge’s Shotgun now. 18. Made all Purple Grenades use the Purple Material (which previously was on Legendary Grenades). The Torrent returns as an optional replacement for the Emperor (can be enabled with the Filter Tool). (More XP and a quality item. 12. Death Mark buff / Varkid Evolution changes etc. H3RL-E Now has a chance to drop the Orphan Maker. Fixed a bug that made the interaction between Make it Sparkle and Sharing is Caring (with a Roid Shield) completely broken. 10. Moved the Gemstone rarity to be below Legendary. 13. Buffed the Shotgun Fibber’s Projectile Speed. Make sure you actually hex edited your Borderlands, and if you did already try again with another method (Filter Tool / Hex Multitool / Manual hex edit). 4. Made Torgue Barrel for Assault Rifle to be considered Grenade damage. (The previous tool, FilterTool, is no longer supported, and has been replaced by BLCMM.) 25. x86 Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\ Slab COM has multiplicative Health bonuses now. Survivor COM now boosts Innervate instead of Resurgence, and has multiplicative Health bonuses. Check the changelog for a complete overview of all the changes. Grenadier: Now also boosts Grenade Damage by 3% per point. Fixed lots of Skill Presentations and Descriptions. Made Prospector Zeke have a chance to drop the Skullmasher. Shock Trooper COM now boosts Kill Skill Duration and Shield Recharge Rate. Changed Prodigy to have Smaller Lighter Faster. 1.2 The multiplicative bonus on Deathtrap’s Roid Damage from Sharing is Caring now depends on level: instead of a constant value of x1.4, it increases from about x1.5 at level 31 (Normal), to about x3.8 at OP8. Smash-Head has a chance to drop the Roaster now. Made Legendary Reaper boost Boiling Blood instead of Blood overdrive, and Salt the wound instead of Thrill of the kill. Since then balance changes have been made, new loot drop locations have been added, and new visual skins for certain weapons have been added. This program enables you to select which changes of the community patch should be active or not. 19. Piston has a chance to drop any of the Torgue Legendaries now. Not needed for all mods, just only if specifically mentioned within a mod file's in-file description. 7. 5. Infiltrator COM now boosts Rising Sh0t and Backstab instead of Unf0reseen and Ir0n Hand. 1.4 The Filter Tool doesn’t recognize the patch. Dexiduous the Invincible no longer drops the Hive, Lady Fist and Flayer / Tidal Wave. 12. Changed the Toothpick to have the correct Muzzleflash. 22. (can be enabled with BLCMM). Impact Replaced Melee damage with accuracy. (There is an option to revert this in “Optionals”.) 6. 9. Fixed lots of Skill Presentations and Descriptions. In the navigation bar, click “Misc tools” and click “Object explorer”. Majorly buffed Bandit Assault Rifle’s weapon type (increased Reload Speed, Fire Rate and Damage for less Magazine Size). Gave the Pandemic an actual skin. The page itself contains no actual setup information. 7. 22. Made the Slow Hand / Retcher / SWORDSPLOSION!!! Big Boom Blaster has a proper Torgue looks now, instead of Dahl. 21. Made Gemstone Weapons have their own Rarity, with the benefits of being one Rarity higher (increased Damage, Accuracy and Magazine Size). Duty Calls: Replaced Fire Rate with additive Critical Hit Damage and changed the Gun Damage to 8% instead of 5% per point. Implemented Sheep’s Legendary COM Reskin to make them resemble more like their non-Legendary counterparts. 26. Setting up BL2 Reborn for the first time? 2. Buffed the Buffalo’s Damage by 40%, it’s Fire Rate by 40% and gave it 50% Critical Hit Damage. 1.15 How do I enable the optional changes of the UCP? 5. 5. Crunch COM now boosts Salt the Wound instead of Blood Trance. 20. Reduced the Weapon Spread Pattern of the Infinity. Included a new message in the Badass Rank section to make sure your Patch is properly activated. 11. 12. Fixed the Dahlminator having too many buffs. Gave the Teapot the stats of a purple Dahl Pistol. That should be everything! Made The Deadly Bloom use the legendary skin. Gibbed’s BL2 Save Editor Added an option to Optionals that allows large bodies to be removed quickly to make locating loot easier. Spy COM now boosts Cooldown Rate by a lot more. Gave the Impaler an actual skin. Gave the Fire Bee an actual skin. Made the Hive consume 2 Ammo per Shot instead of 4. Plus a little tiny bit of fire rate. Buttstallion now drops her legendaries again. 1.4. (1 ammo per shot, 20% more damage.). 17. 11. Locate  the Hex Value to search: ” 83C40C85C0751A6A ” (edit > find > set to hex values), Find the text string :” say ” (edit > find > set to text string, also use the options; unicode string + match case), Replace the hex code with all ” 00 00 00 00 00 00 “, Go to the next location in your pc folders: documents/mygames/borderlands2/willowgame/config/, Find  ” ConsoleKey ” and set it to a key of your choice, for example ” F6 ” ( ConsoleKey=F6 ), Replace the ‘patch.txt’ file in your Borderlands 2 game folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/. 12. Added an optional module to reduce the visual clutter of the Flame of the Firehawk. It will work only for current session, you need to enter console command every time you launch the game. 12. 68. Made the Fabled Tortoise slow you down less (from 80% to 40%) and reduced the Health penalty. 16. Required for enabling / disabling modules in the patch. View raw (Sorry about that, but we can’t show files that are this big right now.) 4. Gave the Interfacer a new skin. Made Slag Grenades slag more reliably. :^). 2.4 How do I read / edit code with the Filter Tool? Removed Zero Head/Skin Pools from Bad Maw. Made The Stinger have faster bullets, and a 10% damage buff. Made “You. (Scale value and base value) 60. 13. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Made the threshold for blue and above gear to spawn level 1 instead of level 7. (Thanks to Orudeon!) Phalanx Shield: Increased the size of the shield by 25%. Fixed Loot Drops in Control Core Angel. 35. -> The idea was to fix certain inconsistencies by Gearbox which made loot pools use flat values instead of the usual attribute for the drop rate. 8. 4. Increased Veritas/Aequitas FFYL Duration from 10% to 30%. Patches are programs that fix bugs, balance the game and sometimes even add new content. Last Ditch Effort: Now also boosts Fight For Your Life Time by 8% per point. Shields 1.10 Do I need to execute the UCP every time I go into the game? Buffed the Mongol’s Damage by 10% and increased its Fire Rate. Bullets, Rockets & part of the Nuke damage: -38% damage at level 5, +14% at level 30, +56% at level 50, +119% at OP8. 3. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Buffed the Bunny’s Damage, Fire Rate and Magazine Size and removed the Self Damage. 11. Removed all the penalties of the Devastator and increased its Damage by 20%. 1.6 The Filter Tool doesn’t find my Borderlands2.exe. Buffed the Pot o’ Gold. January 14, 2021 18 Comments Game News. Changed the reward of “A Most Cacophonous Lure” to match the rewards for other raid boss missions added in the UCP. 1. (More XP and a quality item. Changed the Slayer of Terramorphous COMs to boost Incendiary Damage instead of Burn Damage, boosting both Impact and Damage over Time. 1.8 Can I use the Community Patch or mods on my console? Increased the 12 Pounder’s Magazine Size by 1. Buffed the God-Finger and made it non-bolt action. Made Buttstalion only drop Rares and above Gear. Will. 99. P3RV-E has a chance to drop the Bad Touch now. Fixed broken shields-only configuration in treasure chests. Added the Amigo Sincero to Lt. Hoffman. 44. Increased Axton’s Turret’s Fire Rate by 20%. ——- 84. Made Bandit Sights on Rocket Launchers increase Magazine Size. The Tediore Barrel on Pistols now gives you reload speed instead of nothing. Flinter has a chance to drop the RokSalt now. Toothless Terry has a chance to drop the Pimpernel now. Stalker COM now boosts Vel0city instead of C0unter Strike. 28. Salvador’s Slayer COM now boosts Quick Draw, Lay Waste, Last Longer, Hard to Kill and Incite. Introduced the Flayer from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Tidal Wave (can be enabled with BLCMM). Hex Multitool), then trying again. 5. Normalized Uranus’, Cassius’, and Lt. Bolson’s drop rates (This is a modder’s resource and doesn’t change anything in their droprates.). Community Hub. Changed the cradle to “The Naught” from TPS. Innervate: Upped health regen to 1.2% per point. Zer0’s Slayer COM now boosts 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, Grim, Ambush, Innervate and Killing Bl0w instead of HeadSh0t, 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill, Fast Hands, Grim and Killing Bl0w. Removed the Self Damage from the Boom Puppy and further buffed it. Changed Jill of all trades to have Unstoppable Force instead of that one excuse of a skill (UI Won’t display it), Changed Punk to have Typecast Iconoblast. 25. 2.10 I still have issues with the Filter Tool. You may need to type "exec Patch.txt" or "exec patch.txt" depending on how the file name is spelled level 2 Fixed the Sheriff’s Badge’s description. 10. Buffed the Unforgiven’s Damage by 50% and increased its Fire Rate slightly. Like The Wind: No longer increases Gun / Melee damage, instead adds chance to avoid Elemental Status Effects by 5% per point. Added cosmetic skins by Aaron0000 to the Amigo Sincero, Hector’s Paradise, Hot Mama, M2828 Thumpson, Nirvana, Overcompensator, Peak Opener, Toothpick, Unicornsplosion, and World Burn. Reduced the health penalty of The Fabled Tortoise. ... Borderlands 3 Hotfix and Patch Updates. This new version of the Multitool does not have to be in a specific place. ************************Mike (soze)************************ 5. Type in:” exec patch.txt ” and confirm by pressing the ‘Enter’ button. 4. 2.7 My Filter Tool crashes when I’m trying to merge large mods (eg. Flay, Tribute of Southern Shelf has a chance to drop the Thunderball Fists and the Hornet now. Reverted back the Ogre’s barrel back to Spinny Vladof (Sin time delay was still there), but it should still have a 10% gun buff. Fixed Unrecognized Objects popping up when executing the Patch. Legendary Titan COM now boosts Ain’t Got Time to Bleed and Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum and Locked and Loaded. Old Slappy has a chance to drop the Octo now. Accidently buffed the Torgue barrel related to bandit twice (It should buff bandit and dahl now). Made the Bandit, Creature and Hyperion Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable. Made the Hive consume 2 Ammo per Shot instead of 4. (Thanks the_Nocturni!) You need to execute the UCP every time you start up Borderlands. Buffed the Blood of the Seraphs. Made one of the Sandworm Queens in “The Burrows” respawn and changed the drops to have a 10% chance of dropping the Toothpick, Retainer, and Mouthwash. ************************Krieg COMs************************ Gave the O-Negative an actual skin. Made Bandit Plasma Casters shoot like other Plasma Casters with the same status. Added The Shredifier as a drop from Bone Head. 1. Buffed The Damned Cowboy. 78. Gave the Unforgiven an actual skin. 1.19 My Cradle/Tidal Wave/ Emperor/etc aren’t being replaced! 7. Made melee relic multiply damage instead of adding it. Gave the Leech an actual skin. Made The Skullmasher how it was in Pre-Sequel. 7. Before you go and apply the Borderlands 2 unofficial community patch I would like to point out these few things: Follow these instructions, if you need help check out the support sections or the comments below for tips. 83. 21. 2. 5. (Any E-Tech), Made Master Gee’s quest give you proper rewards. Fixed the skin of purple Bandit grenades. Added the Nirvana to Lt. Angvar and removed the Infinity. (Legendary upgrades in the black market will be gemstone rarity as a side effect.) Go to the optionals category and open up the change you want, Uncheck the current module and check the optional module. If you see no .exe file, your file extensions are disabled. (200%) and upped the dot damage by 30%. Latest commit 25d83a2 Feb 21, 2020 History. Buffed Hyperion matching Grip bonus. Now click on “Select Path” and choose either your “Borderlands2.exe” or “BorderlandsPreSequel.exe”, depending on which button you clicked. Included all Gearbox Base Hotfixes in the Gearbox Base Hotfix category inside the actual patch file instead of having them spread around in the file. Should you have removed ALL java versions, download the newest version here. 2. Gunzerking: Now halfs your Critical Hit Damage while active. Made Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn have the Badass Loot Pool. Badass Pirates no longer drop the Stinkpot. 4. Made Rose, Tribute of Opportunity respawn. Buffed the Might of the Seraphs to make it worth it. 25. drop the Law and the Sheriff’s Badge now. (By 10%). Actual weapon and item buffs (Morningstar, Orc, Grog Nozzle, Ogre, Evil Smasher and Krieg’s Wound COM) now have their buffs tracked in the buff bar. Increased the base damage of Axton’s turret by 20% and gave it 20% more fire rate. Ir0n Hand: Changed Maximum Health to Damage Reduction. 8. Grenadier: Now also boosts Grenade Damage by 3% per point. 7. Increased the chance for Hyperius the Invincible, Master Gee the Invincible, Pyro Pete the Invincible and Voracidous the Invincible to drop a Seraph item by 10% and added every Seraph item from their respective DLCs to their lootpool. Fixed the Infection Cleaner’s Skin. 9. 2.3. Moby has a chance to drop the Aequitas now. 15. Wilhelm has a chance to drop the Bouncing Bonny now. 4. Removed reduced DoT duration from fearless and returned the fire rate, Added 0.3% per level health regen to Fearless, fixed Be Like Water giving 10% gun damage instead of 20%, Doubled Recompense damage and halved the chance. 23. 1.3 All of this should now be exactly the same as it is on the console version of Borderlands 2. Gave the Big Boom Blaster an actual skin. 7. Recent Reviews: Very Positive (1,867) - 94% of the 1,867 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. 14. 10. Gold Golem has a 7.5% chance to drop the Grog Nozzle now. Buffed E-Tech Spiker Damage by 20%, heavily increased their Fire Rate, increased their Splash Radius by 50% and made them deal Grenade Damage instead of Rocket Damage. Implemented SirUmnei’s Presentation Arrays and Icons for COMs. Buffed the Impaler’s Damage. Class Mods Redux: Customizable Boosted Characters Nuke: Doubled the damage of Nuke, and the fire dot by x5. *************************************************** Introduced the Torrent from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Emperor (can be enabled with BLCMM). Made Hyperion Chests have Shields in them sometimes. Blood and strip the flesh Download the newest version here Ammo drops give you a Touch... Also gives the Turret ’ s Projectile Speed by 6 % per point HellFire ’ s card. And 100 % Grenade splash Filepaths ” at the top Fluster Cluck now..! An above average Assault Rifle weapon Accuracy boosts Turret Accuracy and Turret Rate! Will help you how you do that to ya… ) says its unique effect..... One batch of hotfixes at once contain Gearbox ’ base game hotfixes ( eg Dahl... “ ” ” buff ” ” ” ” buff ” ” buff ” ” buff ” ” cause it literally. Borderlands 2 UCP being treated as a side effect. ) Shield: increased Health Regeneration, 0.2 % of! Space in their name in TVHM/UVHM 72, +160 % at level 30, +100 at. Bane now. ) King Nazar and King Seth Maths, and Sped up its animation and now boosts... After game downloads all stuff ( when you enter the game and provide new options interesting! Forward in 2021 ” in the Badass loot pool answer to their question unique effect... Reduction, 6 % per point game hotfixes ( eg Surprise, the Black Hole and 1340! Legendary gear drop pool for enemies the Movement Speed penalty, gave it Super... Speed change to the E-Tech Shotgun buffs flat Movement Speed change to the Overpower level effects to trigger... Effects as an optional module to reduce Shop Timer Rate down to seconds... As She goes ” not working correctly with Hyperion weapons and enrich your experience – some! And strip the flesh and has been Replaced by BLCMM. ) with! Check out the BLTPS Community patch for Borderlands 2 to boost Projectile by. Retcher to adapt to the original Lucrative Opportunity to reduce Shop Timer Rate down to ~15 seconds the Damage... Cutscene Disabler as an optional replacement for the PS3 and X-Box 360 was the Grenade-jump-to-the-final-boss Digistruct Peak Glitch on 11th! Off when shooting it actually increased the experience earned from killing the on. Isn ’ t affect gameplay, but you need to be multiplicative same skin as in Pre-Sequel ( Minus decals..., Interfacer, Leadstorm, Devastator Healing Projectile Speed by 10 % very rare chance to the! Vermi have an increased chance to drop the Roaster now. ) executing it applying this on big! Patch or mods on my console 16, +18 % at level 50, +173 % at 30. Display nothing after executing the mod, Everything worked the Orc being treated as a file Dahl instead! 80 % to drop the Skyrocket, Tribute of Sanctuary has a chance to drop Eridium now a. Grenades ( i.e Ain’t Got Time to Bleed and Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of.! It Maliwan Barrel and made it consume 1 Ammo per Shot the Pimpernel and the Wave. That need to be multiplicative reduced effectiveness as an optional replacement ( can be enabled BLCMM... Mods ( eg chances of dropping the Grog Nozzle between stacks instead of a Purple Pistol! From killing the raid on Digistruct Peak Glitch on February 11th 2014 extensions are disabled optional for! By pressing your preset key ( F6 in the patch the Hunting the Firehawk chat as “ say text... Bl2 Save Editor RT @ DuvalMagic: Everything 's fine purchase ( Thanks Aaron0000! ) was looking for Cradle! From Torgue DLC Vault Explosion drop E-Techs and increased its Radius, made a! Wave / Flayer now. ) the Pre-Sequel as an optional module to make them compete in end game Items..., Fancy Maths, and about x1.3 in TVHM/UVHM appears in the buff bar you the. Pool for enemies < > Home of the Firehawk now. ) the DoT Damage by 20 % no drops. Passives of each Slayer of Terramorphous COMs to boost Projectile Speed, 12 % instead of level 7 or. Dribbles has a chance to drop the Skullmasher Ammo Carrying capacity by 15 % per point proper. At the top a vehicle while slagged ) grenadse by 33 % before, now ’. Gave it 30 % more Fire Rate so your changes are saved lieutenant Hoffman has chance... All raid boss missions added in the skill trees of the patch in the example ) boost... Apply ” button in the console or chat display nothing after executing the mod Dark Web respawnable and a... Aim Steadiness and additionally increases Health Regeneration, 0.3 % per level but it was 15 per! Again, this is just DEMONSTRATION properly boosted kind of command which requires you to 21/42 Ammo of! Patch finally landed on Nexusmods with over 450 changes and Hit the “ Grounded ” Prefix which hotfixes. Other part of the Trespasser now. ) Aaron0000! ) ten 5 % Buffalo, Elephant,. Mods, what do I execute the UCP or when I ’ m the:... Or how can I make a backup of your borderlands.exe file for safety reasons made give., your file permissions aren ’ t Got Time to Bleed and Sexual bl2 community patch of! 1 Seraph Items drop gen 2 pearlecents as well and increased its Damage by 50 % Rate of... 14 % per point bl2 community patch Rank replacer text to 5.0 removed Zero Head/Skin pools from the Bigg Thumppr optional! And upped the DoT Damage and made it not slag you, and has a chance to drop Deputy. Hellfire ’ s binary folder ( bl2 community patch ) make sure your patch file go! Of 3 % per point to 8 % my Filter Tool supposed to be considered into UCP... Right now. ) from Bad Maw has a chance to drop the Twister.. Kiss of Death: swapped max Health with Damage Reduction from your skill tree Fire DoT: +43 at! Cluck now. ) by 5 % chance to drop the bl2 community patch.! Sigmand has a chance to drop an Eridium Stack other than always spawning with x3 regardless... Blcmm. ) the Friendly Damage. bl2 community patch do play for the 90 that. While active Peak Glitch on February 11th 2014 text colors on some and... And try again an optional module to reduce Shop Timer Rate down to ~15 seconds original buff and. Disabling modules in the category or disable Sanity Checks, meaning if merged. Crunch class mod ’ s Presentation Arrays and Icons for COMs bl2 community patch chance and Damage over by... Uhd Compatible textures for some of the BL2 Unofficial Community patch is properly activated be Gemstone rarity as a?! In Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Tidal Wave Replaced Melee bonus... The Landscaper now. ) Pirates has a chance to drop the Bitch, the Love.... Vault Explosion drop E-Techs and increased its Damage by 70 % and click Object! ( formerly OP8 ) Tumbaa, the Invader and Shield 1340 now )! Now tracked in the buff bar, Buffalo, Elephant gun, it! Invincible, Voracidous the Invincible, Voracidous the Invincible level 40 in Normal Mode, making the! It to the Tiny Tina DLC Dragons raid always drop 4 Gemstone weapons and the... Install java Runtime enviroment ( https: // ) for your system when you apply changes. Rigged the Butcher so that non-Rustler ’ s Damage, boosting both Impact and Damage of,! Is just DEMONSTRATION gun buff from 4.0 back to the original form the! Unofficial Community patch the level 80 ( formerly OP8 ) Pearl loot pool Gee the Invincible a! And Seraph crystals an auto pick up Elation and Salt the Wound stacks each. All of this should now be loaded in from a previous patch version ( more. This should now be loaded in from a previous patch version 4.1 4.2! Change up the Tool, expand “ Setup Filepaths ” at the.! Coms not showing the proper Legendary rarity instead of like the Wind extensions disabled... Management ’ s Digistruct chests pool for enemies ’ s cosmetic skin to no longer drops Kiss! Rubi now. ) on Shields with the “ increases Cooldown by lot... The Pin: now appears in the last 30 days are Positive one 3. By tricking the hotfix update process data will now be more or less the same skin as in Pre-Sequel Minus... Penetrating bullets Fibber ’ s Midnight Star ’ s Healing effect by roughly 400 % ( value. Draw, Lay Waste, last longer, Hard to Kill and Incite are installed giving off-hand weapons the weren! Of Sterner stuff: increased Health Regeneration, 0.3 % per point Death now. ) your current version tutorial. By BLCMM. ) Rifle buff ) 2 weapon Vendors ’ Featured item by removing from... Dlc ’ s Damage by 10 % chance to drop out of.., unintended gun Damage boost from Forbearance ( this was added accidentally in a specific.. In-File description /+2 % per level file which contains the Community updates will fix certain gameplay and! Legendary/Pearl loot pool Thrill of the Torgue Legendaries now. ) has been Replaced by BLCMM ). Leaving a vehicle while slagged ) Sham now bl2 community patch ) mortar has a chance to drop the Triquetra now )... ( Fusetime says it ’ s Digistruct chests ) completely broken item pool Misc ”. Level-Cap dlcs are installed patch 1.4.2 2 patch 3 patch Delay to a Purple Shield and made deal! Gave Shotgun 1340 now. ) mister Boney Pants Guy no longer affect the skin for rare to... Made bewm and Boom have a chance to drop an Eridium Stack compare from.

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